Dutton-Lainson Company

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Hand Winch Handles

ModelTypeLengthStandard With Winch ModelOptional For Winch Model
6307Standard7"DL600A, DL900A, DL1100A, DL1300A, WG1500, WG2000N/A
6307XBlack Plated Premium7"DLx1200, DLx1200FCDL600A, DL900A, DL1100A, DL1300A, WG1500, WG2000
6318Standard9-1/2"DL1402ADL600A, DL900A, DL1100A, DL1300A, WG1500, WG2000
6318XBlack Plated Premium9-1/2"DLx1500, DLx1500FCDL600A, DL900A, DL1100A, DL1300A, DL1402A, WG1500, WG2000
6319Offset9-1/2" DL1602A, DL1802AN/A
6319XBlack Plated Offset Premium9-1/2" DLx1900, DLx1900FC, DLx2300, DLx2300FCDL1602A, DL1802A
6459Ratchet8-1/4"N/ADL1602A, DL1802A, DLx1900
6322Quick-Attach9-1/2"DL1602ADD, DL1800A, DL2000A, DL2500A, DL3200A, DL3500B, DLB1550AN/A
6450Standard7"DLB350A, DLB800A, DLB1200AN/A
6451Standard9-3/8"DLB1500A, DLB2000A, DLB2500AN/A
6452Optional Add'l Length12"N/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6327Ratchet8-1/4"N/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6453Removable7"N/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6454Removable9-3/8"N/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6462Camper Handle7" (12" tube)N/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6463Square Tube Hub1-1/2" tubeN/AAll DLB-series brake winches
6455Standard12-1/4"All B-series brake winchesN/A
6323Ratchet12"N/AAll B-series brake winches
6470Removable12"N/AAll B-series brake winches
6465Hex Socket7" WG1500HEX, WG1500HEX SR, WG2000HEX, WG2000HEX StrapN/A


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