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Can I Lift a Load With My D-L Pulling Winch?

Watch this video to learn if we recommend that you lift or lower a load with a Dutton-Lainson® pulling winch.

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Can I Operate My Electric Winch If I Lose Power?

This video explains how to operate your StrongArm® electric winch if you don’t have or lose access to power.

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Does It Matter How the Cable or Strap is Oriented On My Winch?

Once you’ve secured cable or strap to your Dutton-Lainson winch, your next action is to wind it over the top of the reel or under the bottom of it between the reel and base. This video tells you which orientation is correct for your specific winch.

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Does It Matter Which Direction the Cable or Strap Comes Off My Winch?

You’ve installed cable or strap on your D-L® winch and are ready to mount it so it can be used, but does it matter which direction the cable or strap comes off the winch?  Watch this video to find out.

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How Do I Adjust My D-L Coupler?

One unique feature of D-L couplers is the ability to adjust them by hand without using any tools.  This video demonstrates how to do it.

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How Do I Shorten or Extend the Length of My DC Electric Winch Wiring Harness?

When installing a StrongArm electric winch on your trailer, the wiring harness may be too short to reach your vehicle’s battery, or you may have a lot of extra wire.  Watch this video for solutions to both problems.

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Should I Buy a StrongArm Electric Winch With a Clutch Lever or Without?

Should I get a StrongArm winch with a clutch lever installed on the side of it, or one without?  This video breaks down the pros and cons of both options.

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What's the Difference Between Goldenrod Bowl and Canister Fuel Tank Filters?

Watch this video to learn about the key differences between Goldenrod® See-Thru bowl and Spin-On disposable canister fuel tank filters.

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What's the Difference Between Goldenrod Fence Stretcher-Splicer Models?

There are three different models of Goldenrod® fence stretcher-splicers, and they are each slightly different. Watch this video to get the details.

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What's the Difference Between StrongArm Electric Winch Models?

What makes a SA5000 different than a SA7000?  How about a SA9000 from a SA12000?  View this video for the surprisingly simple explanation.

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Why Do B-Series Winches Cost More Than DLB-Series Winches?

Watch this video to find out why B-series winches cost more than DLB-winches despite their many similarities.

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Why Is My Goldenrod Fence Stretcher-Splicer Stuck?

This video explains why the the clamps on your Goldenrod fence stretcher-splicer seem to be stuck when you try to use it for the first time.

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Why Is My StrongArm Electric Winch Smoking?

You’ve just finished mounting your brand new StrongArm electric winch, and white smoke is coming out from the openings in the cover!  This video explains why you shouldn’t be worried.

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Why Isn't My Brake Winch Lowering the Load?

Why is the handle unthreading on my brake winch?  Why is the cable a jumbled mess on my brake winch reel?  The solution to those questions is given in this video.


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