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Electric Winch Repair Service

If you’re having trouble with your StrongArm® electric winch, you have three options:

  1. Replace it with a new winch (new StrongArm electric winches can be purchased here)
  2. Purchase parts so you can repair the winch yourself (every part on current versions of StrongArm electric winches is available to order here)
  3. Send it to us so our winch repair experts can fix it for you

If you’d like us to fix your StrongArm electric winch for you, please see below for all of the details you need to know about our repair service, along with several frequently asked questions related to it.

When you are experiencing a problem with your StrongArm electric winch, simply box it up (along with a note containing your contact information and a brief description of the problem) and ship it to our manufacturing facility in Hastings, Nebraska using any shipping service/speed you’d like. 

Once we receive the winch, we will address your particular issue and also inspect the entire winch, replacing parts and applying grease where necessary.

After the winch has been repaired, we will call you to collect your credit card information.  We will then charge your credit card and ship the winch back to you.

The repair service costs $175 per winch, which includes all parts, labor, and return shipping within the continental U.S. (the total cost is $225 for repaired winches shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or any country other than the United States).  Nebraska residents will be charged an additional $12.25 in sales tax per winch.

Please send your winch to:

Dutton-Lainson Company
Attn: Winch Repair Dept.
1601 West 2nd Street
Hastings, NE 68901

In the box with your winch, please also include a note that contains the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your daytime telephone number
  3. The address where you would like the repaired winch to be shipped
  4. A brief description of the problem you are having with your winch

Please do not include custom or special mounting brackets, add-ons, or parts, or other items or accessories like a cover or emergency crank handle that were not part of the original winch, as we cannot guarantee that these items will be returned to you.

Our electric winch assembly and repair team in our manufacturing facility in Hastings, Nebraska will be the people who actually repair your winch.  The people who assemble these winches every day are the same people who will fix your winch!

Once we receive the winch from you, we typically repair it within 5-7 business days.  However, it may take longer than that if we are receiving a higher-than-normal amount of winches needing repair.  Also, since the people who assemble new StrongArm electric winches are the same people who fix the winches that are sent in for repair, the repair time could take longer during busy times of the year (such as the summer months).

No, you do not have to use a credit card to pay for the repair service.  If you would prefer, you can include a check in the box with your winch, which will be processed after we have finished repairing your winch.  The check should be made out to Dutton-Lainson Company and be for $175 (or $225 if you are requesting that we ship the repaired winch to Alaska, Hawaii, or any country other than the United States).

Yes, we are more than happy to provide you with the details of your repair.  When we contact you to request payment for the repair, please ask us to read you the details of the repair report.  We can even fax or email a copy of it to you if you’d like.

We use FedEx Ground to ship repaired winches back to customers, which typically takes 2-4 business days to arrive to you (once it leaves our manufacturing facility in Hastings, Nebraska).  If you would like to get your winch back faster than that, you can pay an additional charge (above the standard $175 repair fee) for a faster shipping service and/or speed.  Please request this when we contact you to collect payment for the repair.  We will give you the faster shipping speed options and how much they cost in addition to the standard $175 repair fee.

No, we do not send you tracking information for your repaired winch.  FedEx Ground shipments typically take 2-4 business days for delivery to the continental U.S. (once we have shipped the winch back to you).  Please contact us if you have not received your winch and believe it has been longer than that.

Yes, we can install a handheld remote and cord to your winch as part of the repair process.  We can add the 6371 remote to a DC winch for an additional $100, or the 6349 remote to a AC winch for an additional $50.  Both of these remotes come with a standard 10′ of cord.  If you would like a remote cord installed on your winch that is longer than that, it costs $1 per each additional foot.  Please indicate in the note you include in the box with your winch if you would like these modifications made.

Because the presence of the clutch mechanism affects some of the core components of the winch, we cannot add or remove a clutch lever as part of the repair program.

No, we do not offer a discount for repairing multiple electric winches at once.  Because the flat rate cost of $175 per winch includes return shipping of the repaired winch back to you, and that shipping cost will not decrease even if we are shipping you multiple winches, the cost will still be $175 per winch.

No, there are not any service centers available to perform this electric winch repair service.  If you’re having trouble with your StrongArm electric winch, please send it to our manufacturing facility in Hastings, Nebraska to get it fixed.

No, the $225 cost to send a repaired winch to any country other than the U.S. does not include customs or duties fees.  It would be up to you to pay those costs if they are charged to you. 

The only exception to this is if your winch was repaired under warranty.  In this case, please send us documentation of the customs and/or duties charges and we will credit your account.

If your StrongArm electric winch is less than one year old and you believe the problem you are having with it is due to a defect in our material or workmanship, we will repair it for you free of charge.  The full details of the warranty are available here.

Please call us at 402-462-4141 if you have a Dayton-branded winch in need of repair.  Based on the model number and date code, we can help determine whether it was manufactured by Dutton-Lainson Company, and whether we might have the parts required for repair.

This repair service includes all components of StrongArm winches manufactured in 2000 or later, but winches that are damaged or worn so severely that they have no salvageable parts do not qualify. We may not be able to repair winches manufactured in 1999 or before.  Please call before sending in for repair.  This repair service does not apply to accessories that were purchased separately and installed on the winch, any winch modifications that were not made by our factory, or to components that are not returned with the winch (for example, a winch returned to the factory without a cable will be repaired and returned to you without a cable).


1601 W. 2nd Street
Hastings, NE 68901