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995 Coupler Repair Kit | 995 Coupler #1995 Coupler Repair Kit | 995 Coupler #2

995 Coupler Repair Kit | 995 Coupler

Part Number 13971
Price: $16.99
New ProductManufactured in the USA
  • Repair kit for Dutton-Lainson® Class 4 coupler model 995
  • Allows for easy replacement of entire ball clamp assembly if original becomes damaged or worn
  • Can be adjusted by hand without any tools
  • Meets SAE and V-5 standards
  • Zinc plated TUFFPLATE® finish for additional rust resistance and longer life
  • U.S. Pat. 6,481,740 B1
  • Includes the entire ball clamp assembly (locking lever with pin and chain, light spring, ball clamp, heavy spring, channel lock, and nut) for quick changeout
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: This kit cannot be interchanged with component parts of any other D-L coupler model not listed above or other manufacturers' couplers.
  • WARNING: Every time coupler is used, make certain ball is completely engaged in socket and coupler is securely locked. Failure to do so could result in serious or fatal injury.
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