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TUFFPLATE® Plated Finish

The Superior Zinc Plated Finish

Zinc plated TUFFPLATE® finish has 3 times the corrosion resistance of standard zinc plating, and 30% greater corrosion resistance when compared to powder coating. The TUFFPLATE finish starts with an extra thick layer of zinc. It then uses a trivalent chrome conversion layer for brightness and extra protection, and the last step is a high quality sealer to provide the final barrier to corrosion.

Results of laboratory tests using 5% neutral salt spray confirms our TUFFPLATE finish provides in excess of 500 hours against First Red Rust and in excess of 100 hours for First White Corrosion.

The TUFFPLATE finish process is standard on all D-L plated products and is RoHS compliant. For additional information, contact your D-L sales representative or Dutton-Lainson Company.


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