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CD7000 Chain Drive Brake Winch

Part Number 45015
Price: $692.99
Manufactured in the USA5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dutton-Lainson® chain drive winch for use with boat lifts
  • 3,500 lb. single-line capacity, 7,000 lb. double-line capacity
  • Utilizes sprockets and roller chain
  • Built in fully automatic friction brake holds load exactly in position when raising and lowering
  • Aluminum housing with zinc plated TUFFPLATE® finish on hardware
  • Enclosed design
  • Mounting holes are identical on both sides
  • Removable access panel and top cover makes it easy to change brake pads if needed
  • Stainless steel fasteners and steel-backed PTFE lined bearings
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Dutton-Lainson Company's self-locking chain drive brake winches provide safety, convenience, and control for boat lifts. The fully automatic friction brake supplies constant, positive holding action any time the wheel is released. Features include:

  • Permanently lubricated bearings on drive shafts are maintenance-free
  • All plated parts are zinc plated TUFFPLATE® finish
  • Can be operated with a large boat lift wheel (sold separately)
  • Wheel is integral part of braking mechanism

All D-L brake winches are built for multipurpose hauling and lifting operations. They are not to be used as hoists for lifting, supporting, or transporting people, or for loads over areas where people could be present.

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