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SA7000AC Electric Winch | Clutch | No Remote | CSA #1SA7000AC Electric Winch | Clutch | No Remote | CSA #2

SA7000AC Electric Winch | Clutch | No Remote | CSA

Part Number 24970
Price: $632.99
Manufactured in the USA1 Year Limited Warranty
  • StrongArm® 120 volt AC electric winch for horizontal pulling applications
  • 1,200 lb. single-line capacity, 1,800 lb. double-line capacity
  • Power in, power out, controlled freewheeling clutch, and automatic mechanical friction brake
  • 50' of 3/16" galvanized aircraft cable, pulley block with snap hook, and snap hook
  • Clutch lever allows for smooth load control and easy cable removal
  • Powered through a standard wall outlet using the installed power cord (10', 3-wire grounded) and built-in 3-position rocker switch
  • Electric switch and clutch controls are conveniently located on the same side for easy operation
  • CSA approved for operation in Canada
  • Includes emergency crank handle in case of power loss
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: This winch is built for horizontal pulling applications. For vertical lifting applications, order a winch with no clutch lever installed (price is the same).
  • NOTE: This winch has a maximum run time of 3 minutes. See owner's manual for more details.

The Dutton-Lainson Company's versatile StrongArm® electric winches provide load-moving muscle with just the push of a button or switch, saving manpower and making quick work of difficult loading and pulling jobs. Features include:

  • Gear-train uses heat-treated sintered-iron gears for smooth, quiet operation
  • Final drive gears are heat-treated high carbon steel for greater strength
  • Precision needle bearings are used in high-load areas for low friction and longer life
  • Die formed base is adapted for quick mounting applications
  • Hook safety snap keeps load securely attached
  • High impact weather resistant case provides excellent protection for cable and internal components
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel front plate for superior rust resistance
  • Electric switch automatically returns to the "OFF" position when released
  • Accessories allow for easy mounting on trailers, vehicle hitch balls, and other machinery and equipment
  • Also compatible with 2" wide strap

What makes StrongArm® electric winches different?

  • Design:
    • is more compact, allowing winch to fit into tight spaces better than long, open-reel winches.
    • is aesthetically attractive- black outer case and smooth lines vs. a long, open-reel look.
    • is safer, as cable and reel are enclosed inside the cover. On open-reel winches, fingers can get caught in the reel or cable as the winch is operated, and any frayed strands of cable can cause cuts.
    • protects cable, so it's not exposed to the elements, which accelerates wear and rusting.

  • Unique features:
    • Clutch release- user can pay out load in neutral and still control it with clutch mechanism. Other winches can only freewheel with no load on winch, so the only way to let load out is by using the motor, which is slower and results in extra wear and tear. Also, the clutch lever automatically returns to a locked position when released (except on the TW4000).
    • Spur gear system vs. planetary gears- a planetary gear system generates much more heat, and draws more amps from the power source. Because the motor and gears are attached directly to the spool, the heat build-up from running the winch transfers directly to the drum and cable. In contrast, the StrongArm® winch's spur gear system is much more efficient, it gives off less heat, and it draws fewer amps.

  • Rating system:
    • Capacity ratings are based on the third layer of cable, while other winches are rated based on the first layer of cable.

Easy to install and operate for applications with access to AC power (for vertical lifting applications, order a winch with no clutch lever installed):

  • Shop cranes
  • Boat lifts
  • Boat davits
  • Frame-straightening machines (to pull disabled vehicles up onto machine)
  • Light towers
  • Marine railway systems
  • Greenhouse ventilation systems
  • Aircraft hangars (to pull small aircraft in and out)
  • Opening/closing large horizontal sliding doors
  • Dumb waiters
  • General material handling applications

All D-L StrongArm® electric winches are built for multipurpose hauling and pulling operations. They are not to be used as hoists for lifting, supporting, or transporting people, or for handling loads over areas where people could be present.

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