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6387 Roller Bunks Pair | Deluxe Style | 4 ft. #16387 Roller Bunks Pair | Deluxe Style | 4 ft. #26387 Roller Bunks Pair | Deluxe Style | 4 ft. #3

6387 Roller Bunks Pair | Deluxe Style | 4 ft.

Part Number 21740
Price: $178.99
Manufactured in the USA
  • Pair of 4' Dutton-Lainson® deluxe style roller bunks
  • For boats weighing up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Heavy 12 gauge steel construction
  • 15 rubber rollers (five sets of three) on each bunk
  • Galvanized finish
  • Each set of rollers is wider (three rollers instead of the original design's two), providing more contact with the boat
  • Universal mount attaches directly to either horizontal or vertical positioned 2 x 4 bunk boards or existing mounting brackets, or mount with model 6389 brackets
  • Made in the U.S.A.

D-L roller bunks provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to upgrade bunk-style trailers to rollers. Two different designs are available- original or deluxe. Both feature "2 compound" rollers with a durable, wear-resistant inner surface and a soft, boat-cushioning outer surface.

The rated capacity is based on having good contact with all of the rollers, and a reasonably even distribution of weight on the rollers. Rollers must be in contact with straight sections of the boat hull. It is critical to avoid a very large load on the first set of rollers during the unloading and loading process. The boat should float at least part way onto the trailer before contacting rollers, so that all of its weight is not concentrated on the first set of rollers. A concentrated load can crush a single set of rollers, with the potential for damage to the boat hull.


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