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440 T-Post Gripper

Part Number 56654
Price: $42.99
Manufactured in the USA1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Time saving tool for installing Hired Hand® T-Post Grips on steel T-Posts
  • Installs Grips on all common T-Post sizes, including the standard 1.33 lbs/ft posts as well as smaller .95 lbs/ft posts
  • Holds Grip in place while positioning wire on post
  • Closing the handles forms the Grip around the post
  • Wire is held securely in place while leaving a slight gap for wire movement
  • Grips are faster, easier, and more secure than traditional manual clips
  • Hardened steel jaws for longer life
  • 442 T-Post Grips are sold separately in bags of 100
  • U.S. Pat. 8,327,682 B2
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • WARNING: Always wear eye protection when using this tool.
  • WARNING: Keep fingers away from crimping end when operating this tool.


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